I am trained in Process Oriented Psychology (or Process Work). Process Work is a type of transpersonal psychology. Transpersonal means we are human beings connected to the universe. We are individuals with problems that are not ours alone. Rather our difficulties interconnect us with a humanity that is evolving. Although we sometimes forget, we are part of nature. Transpersonal psychology offers us a bigger view outside of ourselves. In the discipline of psychology this idea was first put forth by Carl Jung. Arnold Mindell, who started out as a quantum physicist and then became a Jungian analyst, founded Process Work. He drew a direct parallel between night time dreams and body symptoms and how we are interconnected through the universe. Mindell also drew from the ancient Chinese philosophy of Daoism as well as indigenous ways of being. You can delve into his website here to discover more

I became interested in Process Work because it offered a tangible method of helping to understand our body symptoms as part of ourselves. We separate ourselves from our body symptoms and want to rid ourselves of them because they cause us pain. Identifying ourselves with one viewpoint too rigidly often leads to difficulty with the world around us. Life challenges us to grow our limited identity and this can often be painful. Process work trusts the inherent wisdom in our bodies and asks what is trying to happen in this moment? Perhaps whatever is happening is right in some way, and if we give it our awareness we may understand the wisdom within us. As the ancient Chinese say, the only constant is change.

In our session you are not alone in your difficulty. I offer the space to ask questions and discover doorways into other viewpoints. We use awareness techniques to track and follow what is trying to happen. In doing so, we begin to follow a mysterious process that may offer another way of being or something that is needed by you for life’s journey.

When you come along to our session be prepared to move, imagine, dream and discover. Process Work is an experiential psychology. All of you is welcome.



A central concept in Process Work is deep democracy.

Deep democracy is a practice of deep listening that respects and allows expression of all parts within a system. The whole of humanity lies within us. We are made up of opposing viewpoints, feelings, hurts, celebration, dreams and body symptoms, historical ghosts and cultural beliefs. By giving space to all these parts, something in us is momentarily resolved and change becomes possible. The practice of deep democracy is necessary for individuals, relationships as well as communities. Process Work offers some useful methods to work in all these areas.

The skills I offer can help:

  • body symptoms and health problems,
  • emotional and spiritual challenges,
  • addictions and trauma
  • terminal illness
  • relationship negotiations, conflicts and possible separation
  • small group and community facilitation
  • diversity training and conflict facilitation for organisations

Please contact me on 0422454966 if you think I can help.