Imagine taking time out of your busy life to sit, look and dream with nature. Imagine a place where the air is clear and the bush feels healthy. It’s quiet and away from mobile phone coverage. Time slows down and you can simply ‘be’ in this place. This place exists for me. I’m a shareholder in a not for profit organisation called Worlds End Conservation and we own two parcels of land south of Burra. We volunteer our time to preserve and upkeep these properties and the properties have a heritage listing.


It’s the beginning of the year and many of us are hopeful about a new energy entering into our lives. It’s a time for new beginnings. A time to nurture creative ideas or take our first steps into a different phase of our lives. We may feel excited about the possibilities. Often there’s also a voice of doubt and criticism.

This voice can be little and in the background, or it can be a loud,



The end of 2017 is nearly here as we all prepare for it in our busy lives. Many of us will have holidays or short breaks. Most likely our routines are about to change- even if we are retired. It’s during this preparation time that I turn my thoughts to the concept of recreation. By this I mean a period of time in which we are re-created, as in created anew. We hold a collective belief around how time is marked and the pace of our society is organised around this belief.

Why Diversity is a Health Issue

On this planet diversity is an issue that matters to everyone. Each of us is a human being with a past and a future filled with dreams. We have likes and dislikes. We live within our belief systems, judgements and values. Our identity is a system operating in a certain patterned way. Yet the unpredictable nature of existence challenges us as a system to grow, to change our flow. How we encounter the unknown in ourselves or as another is the ultimate challenge as a human being.


In 2017 I am going to a conference called World Work at Porto Helle in Greece. I’m really excited about this event as I feel honoured to be on staff as part of the facilitation team. World Work is an event that is put on by the world wide Process Work community every 3 years. It is hosted by a different country each time. The conference offers an opportunity for people from many different countries and walks of life to get together and work on world difficulties.


When you stop and think about it, breathing is really amazing. It happens naturally and we take it for granted. That is until it becomes difficult or stops. Have you ever asked yourself ‘who in me breathes?’ Plants, animals and our whole Earth breathes. In this sense we hare the Earth’s breath. We are part of the Earth’s breath. The quality of your Qi (or life force) has a lot to do with how you breathe. In fact it’s not just your lungs that breathe,



During the cultural revolution in China, barefoot doctors were village doctors who would walk to peoples homes to administer treatment. This is a visual story of my time as a volunteer acupuncturist (barefoot doctor) in Nepal in May 2014. I did this with an NGO called the Acupuncture Relief Project. This is an organisation that has been going for almost a decade and now has an established clinic dedicated to acupuncture in a remote town called Bhimphedi.