Imagine taking time out of your busy life to sit, look and dream with nature. Imagine a place where the air is clear and the bush feels healthy. It’s quiet and away from mobile phone coverage. Time slows down and you can simply ‘be’ in this place. This place exists for me. I’m a shareholder in a not for profit organisation called Worlds End Conservation and we own two parcels of land south of Burra. We volunteer our time to preserve and upkeep these properties and the properties have a heritage listing. Whenever I’m there I feel really well. I want to share this beautiful place with you and so I’ve decided to run a workshop at Read Creek Hills. I’ve called this workshop The Meandering Pencil.

About the workshop:
This workshop is an opportunity for you to explore the world around you and within you using a pencil and paper. We will use Process Oriented Psychology innerwork practices to discover the wisdom within nature. Drawing instruction will also be given to deepen your experience of drawing. This will be a fun day of communing with nature inside and out, while sharing with others at a beautiful heritage listed eco-property. People of all drawing abilities are welcome. If you have not practiced mindfulness before there is room for you. It is also not a problem if you are very experienced in both drawing and mindfulness. A beginners mind is encouraged. If your inner critic makes you freeze, don’t worry. There are ways to work with your critic. Join me for a fun day of basking in a sensual experience with nature, using a pencil, paper and your eyes.

The Facilitator: My name is Lynn Lobo. I’m a landscape painter and a Process Work awareness facilitator. I want to share with you the joy of interacting within nature through your eyes, your heart and a pencil. You can visit my artist website here.

Where are the Read Creek Hills? Read Creek Hills is a private property owned by Worlds End Conservation (WEC). WEC is a not for profit organisation concerned with the restoration and preservation of this property. The Read Creek Hills lie south of Burra. It takes about 2 hours to drive there. Check out the buzzing activity of WEC here.

Sunday APRIL 22nd
Start time 10am. End 4.30pm
Cost: $50 for the day. 50% of the fee is a donation to WEC. Numbers are limited to 15 people.
To Register contact Jayne at or

ph: 0450 405 713

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