It’s the beginning of the year and many of us are hopeful about a new energy entering into our lives. It’s a time for new beginnings. A time to nurture creative ideas or take our first steps into a different phase of our lives. We may feel excited about the possibilities. Often there’s also a voice of doubt and criticism.

This voice can be little and in the background, or it can be a loud, wet blanket. We often feel this energy in our bodies. As an energy it may not even have words, but may manifest as a sick feeling in our guts or a heaviness in our bodies that can even stop us from getting out of bed. We may catch a glimpse of our critic for a fleeting moment when someone looks at us, and then we make assumptions about that person. Our inner critics can ruin a relationship. At this point you may be thinking ‘Oh I know about that!!!#’

Firstly don’t despair. If you are a human with an identity you will share this experience with everyone. Our identities are partly shaped by our family history, society and the times we live in, gender and relationship orientation, cultural difference and different abilities. Our identities are are also shaped through our creativity. We are responsible for ourselves, and life is not a level playing field.

Sometimes your critics are very real in the world, and sometimes they are not as big as you think they are. Sometimes your critics may be a collective spirit of the times such as racist attitudes that society holds or gender bias. You may also experience this kind of oppression in your family system when you feel you don’t want to hurt anyone, yet you can’t be who you really are.

Working with your critic is necessary on so many levels. You grow through it and as your identity changes, your critic (both inside and out in the world) has less power over you. It’s a process; a lifetime of work. What you do for yourself will help others around you and benefit society. It’s a process, and understanding more about the critical energies within you requires attention, curiosity, love and imagination. Each critical energy offers you its own unique method of transformation. It’s method is as unique as you are, as it is tied to your identity. However, we are all interdependent as earth creatures and there is some overlap in our experiences. We can learn from each other and work together to make change.

On February 16th I am speaking on a panel with some extraordinary women. Our topic is THE ANATOMY OF JUDGEMENT. We will all be presenting different viewpoints and life experiences. There will be time for open discussion so we will all learn together. My inner critic says,
‘How in the hell did you end up on that panel Lynn? Who put YOU forward? You are no expert!’

Writing to you all has helped to silence that expert critic in me as I realise how much we can learn through sharing and imagination. So please come along if you feel inclined. You will be most welcome and not alone. Here are the details again.

Friday 16th February 6.30pm
at Unley Community Centre – 18 Arthur street, Unley
tickets are available through

EVENTBRITE and cost $25

Thanks to Vendra Begonja for organising this event.

Blessings for the year ahead.
Warmly Lynn

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