Why Diversity is a Health Issue

On this planet diversity is an issue that matters to everyone. Each of us is a human being with a past and a future filled with dreams. We have likes and dislikes. We live within our belief systems, judgements and values. Our identity is a system operating in a certain patterned way. Yet the unpredictable nature of existence challenges us as a system to grow, to change our flow. How we encounter the unknown in ourselves or as another is the ultimate challenge as a human being.

Certain parts of ourselves we like and others we don’t like. We marginalise these parts and say ‘that’s not me’, or ‘if only I can get over this I’ll be my old self again’. Yet your old self is one part; a moment in the flow of time. To encounter the marginalised parts or sense of ‘otherness’, requires a skill set of attitudes. This applies to your inner life, body symptoms, relationships with others and the world. Curiosity, openness and a little distance from your beliefs can open the door to a deeper understanding of yourself and the world.

Understanding diversity within ourselves and in the world is a health issue because what we marginalise or oppress can make us sick. It affects your body and mind. Illness is an opportunity to understand yourself more deeply. It’s an invitation from the depths of your being to grow and understand the bigger pattern that you are. Living in a world that is constant change means that self understanding is a lifelong relationship.

It seems to me that the knowing of oneself is momentary. I think I know, and then I forget. Perhaps that’s a good thing. What is useful though is the skill set we develop for encounters with other, and how to glimpse the underlying pattern that shapes us. It’s like having a map for life.

The Diversity Workshop, What About Me, that I am offering with my colleague Anne Murphy is an opportunity to gain some skills and discover your map for life. If you are thinking of coming, now is the time to act as our early bird offer ends this Saturday. There are no pre-requisites. You will be welcome. We have designed a workshop that is playful, creative and deep. Contact me if you are interested.

Thanks for reading. Warmly Lynn

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