In 2017 I am going to a conference called World Work at Porto Helle in Greece. I’m really excited about this event as I feel honoured to be on staff as part of the facilitation team. World Work is an event that is put on by the world wide Process Work community every 3 years. It is hosted by a different country each time. The conference offers an opportunity for people from many different countries and walks of life to get together and work on world difficulties.

Cultural and historical trauma are worked on in the present moment in a very experiential way for all. The past as it relates to our present world becomes tangible. Dreams and indigenous people are welcomed and honoured, along with government and our neighbours. Hot spots in conflict are given focus and temporary resolutions are found. At World Work the earth speaks. One of my roles is to construct a graphic novel about this particular event. My good friend and colleague Venetia Bouronikou will be my co-author. We intend to publish it online and make it available for all. Sign up to my newsletter at the bottom of the page to stay in touch.

In the meantime you can download this flyer about the event: ww-2017-flyer

You can also check out the World Work website.


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